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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Welcome to the online presence of Zion Episcopal Church, located on the Point in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 


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Rogation Day, May 1, 2016


We had hoped to go outside for this Rogation Sunday (held in parts of Europe and the United States on the sixth Sunday of Easter), but it was chilly and rain was threatening. So we did our praying of the litany indoors and photographed all the 'blessing areas' afterwards, which will hopefully bring a little cohesion to what this day was all about for Zion-with spearheading and enthusiasm by Father Jim.


The first part of the Rogation was: "Pray for Business, Industry and Commerce: Our life depends on honest business and labor and machines to assist in our work."

The second part of Rogation is:

"Pray for the proper Stewardship of Creation: We must have clean water to live, we must have healthy food to sustain us, we must have a will to preserve the gifts of the land and those who provide those gifts honorably and at great personal effort."

The third part of Rogation is:


"Pray for favorable weather, temperate rain, and a fruitful season that there may be food and drink for all of God’s creatures."

The last part of Rogation Sunday was:

"Give thanks for all those who have gone before and enabled us to have the world and the church we have today: If we did not have generous benefactors we might still be in a tent or perhaps a small wood building. Furthermore, these people are our examples of a living faith that still speaks from the earth."

                                                                CHURCH SCHEDULE



Holy Eucharist                                                                    9:30AM



Women’s AA Meeting                                                       7:00PM



Mens Rule 62 AA Meeting                                               7:00PM 



Holy Eucharist  -  Chapel                                                10:00AM 




We are now truly a Lake Parish

We have talked about having a pier on the Pointe on and off over the years, it is now a reality.  Our pier has been installed. Take a walk along the Pointe and look at the pier and enjoy our gardens.