Welcome to Zion Episcopal Church, located on the Point in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Welcome to the online presence of Zion Episcopal Church, located on the Point in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 


We hope that you find the information that you are looking for and encourage you to contact us, should this site does not answer your question(s).



                                                                CHURCH SCHEDULE



Bible Study                                                                          8:30AM

Holy Eucharist                                                                    9:30AM



Women’s AA Meeting                                                       7:30PM



Mens Rule 62 AA Meeting                                               7:00PM 



Holy Eucharist  -  Chapel                                                10:00AM 



We are now truly a Lake Parish

We have talked about having a pier on the Pointe on and off over the years, it is now a reality.  Our pier has been installed. Take a walk along the Pointe and look at the pier and enjoy our gardens.














Rally Day in September

Webster’s Dictionary defines "rally" as:

 1) a verb "to draw or call together for a common purpose"

 2) a noun meaning "a renewal of energy in joint action"

During the summer, our many activities and vacations and events continually draw congregation members away from each other - especially on weekends. Summer can also be a spiritually draining time. You start the summer with the good intentions of sticking to your Bible-reading schedules. Good intentions of worshiping regularly.  But the reality is that summer’s hectic schedules can easily derail us from those good intentions.

Come the end of summer, we need "a renewal of energy" when it comes to spiritual matters. It’s hard to renew your energy on your own. But it’s much easier in a group. That’s why we set aside one special day at the end of the summer to "rally" - to "draw together for a common purpose" seeking the Holy Spirit’s power to "renew our energy" for worship, for digging into God’s Word, for praying, for serving, and for witnessing.

On Sunday September 13th we will be "drawing together renewing our energy for the common purpose" of  growing in trust and obedience to Jesus Christ.  New programs sponsored by the church year will be promoted and parishioners will be encouraged to become involved in outreach opportunities and other volunteer positions (sign-up sheets will be available.








Interviews with Members

An Interview with Miriam Schuett

INTERVIEWER: Most of us know you are a "cradle" Episcopalian, that you have been an Episcopalian since your birth, but what about other generations in your family---were they all Episcopalians?
MIRIAM: My English grandmother, who lived until 102 years of age, married my English grandfather here in the U.S. They were, of course, Episcopalians - Church of England, by birth. My parents were also lifelong members of Zion Episcopal Church. My mother was a soprano and in the choir for over 40 years.  Ellsworth and I were married here at Zion on December 1, 1945---70 years this December! Ellsworth and I have always sat in the very same pews as my parents did throughout their lives. Father Pallet performed our marriage ceremony. (l was confirmed by Father lvans.)
INTERVIEWER: Despite your cradle Episcopalian beginning, and your obvious love of Zion, why do you remain an Episcopalian?
MIRIAM: Being an Episcopalian is 'REAL', not phony" it is a straightforward Church: belief is all important. We have the Ten Commandments, the Holy Bible, and moderation. There are no "can't do's" or demands-instead, we make decisions, believe, and pray'
INTERVIEWER: What are your doing to assure the continued existence of Zion into the next generation?
MIRIAM: I talk up the Church: for example, with Ellsworth's caregivers. I encourage them to come to Zion and fill their spiritual lives.
INTERVIEWER: I know you spend most of your time helping Ellsworth. What else is giving you joy?
MIRIAM: Ellsworth and I spent 22 winters in Arizona- backpacking and hiking. We were world travelers. So I have many pleasant memories. I currently play Bridge a couple times per week and Sheepshead once or twice per month. I love getting together with friends at Zion's Coffee Hour.
INTERVIEWER: Now wait a minute, didn't you and Ellsworth work for a living?
MIRIAM: We worked hard too: Ellsworth worked 40 years for WE Energy. I worked as an auditor for the Oconomowoc School Superintendants, for 30 years.